Natural Cosmetics

The natural cosmetics, unlike the conventional cosmetic, is defined as the use of natural ingredients for its composition, instead of chemical substances or petroleum derivatives. As its first objective, make use of substances whose properties are similar to the biochemical composition of our skin, in order to stimulate and support its functions.

The elaboration of natural cosmetics counts on some ethical principles, which are detailed below:

  • The use of animal prime matter is forbidden, except the lanolin and beeswax.
  • The use of synthetic oils (silicone) and mineral oils (paraffin and silicones) are forbidden, even the synthetic colours and parfums.
  • The use of emulsifiers is limited, except those that are obtained in a natural way like the soy lecithin, which acts like natural emulsifier, permitting the mixing of fat ingredients in water and avoiding the use of synthetic emulsifiers.
  • The use of synthetic preservatives is limited.
  • The natural products can't be tested on animals.

The advantages of natural cometics are numerous:

  • Its ease for adapting to different skin types by the used substances which are similar to the most external layer of our skin.
  • The use of natural ingredients, like the beeswax, which contributes to the cellular regeneration and protect our skin effectively.
  • Due to the no use of petroleum derivatives, the skin pores don't get clogged and therefore, the skin can breathe and absorb the substances and providing the necessary hydration to the most deepest layers of our skin.
  • Our skin is coated by a film called hydrolipidic mantle or epicutaneous emulsion, which lubricates and protects the skin. The waxes and vegetal oils used in the natural cosmetics are related to this natural lubricant and therefore, moisturizes much more than conventional cosmetics.
  • It not tested on animals. The dermatological tests are done to volunteers.

 Example of alternative natural formulation of MUSSA Canaria:

In MUSSA Canaria we periodically review our formulas, keeping in mind new publications and recommendations of entities related to natural cosmetics and also opinions and recommendations of our clients.

Because of that, we invite you to send your comments about our products in order to help us improve, because our main goal and dream is the satisfaction and happiness of our clients.