Care for your lips this Winter with a Lip Balm

With the season at its maximum, our lips are exposed several times to cold and wind, as well as temperature and humidity changes. Get to know some simple tips to benefit from using a lip balm correctly.

These factors play a key role in keeping our lips moisturized. Remember that the lips are a part of your body, and deserve the same cares as any other area.

When should you use your lip balm?

Not only when you feel dryness on your lips. Include the lip balm in your daily care routine. In the same way that we use moisturizers frequently, the lips (like the eyelids) are one of the most delicate skins found in the face area.

Thoroughly review its composition

Our Lip Balm is formulated with 100% natural ingredients, resulting in a 95.05% natural product, which creates a film on your lips, hydrates them, and protects them from UVA UVB radiations. This last aspect is very important, considering that the thin skin of our lips hardly contains melanin.

Lips always chapped?

If this is your case, you should rule out the possibility of dermatitis by checking with your dermatologist. Cracked lips are often caused by a lack of hydration and can be easily resolved by controlling water intake.

Piece of advice: you should avoid at all costs a lip balm in a jar. This type of balm is more easily contaminated than a stick lip balm, because we must use our fingers, after touching money, door handles, that cute dog over there…

BONUS TIP Be selfish. Use a lip balm just for yourself. This way you avoid any possible contagion, in addition to being more hygienic.

Lip balm with organic canarian banana and UVA UVB sun protection. Get it now in our natural cosmetics online store.