How and When to apply a Body Lotion

Does it matter the moment you choose to moisturize your skin? Yes . A lot. Each person has different rituals when using a Body Lotion: when you feel dryness, after showering, or anytime.

Many experts insist on the need for a skin care is similar to treatment, ie, with an order and frequency than do not vary over time. In fact, much of the success in caring for your skin is how you do it.

Remember that the skin is an organ of your body, and is affected by constant changes of temperature, humidity, environment and other factors that influence the ability of the skin to absorb nutrients.

Therefore, there are a number of guidelines to ensure that this ability is optimum:

  • Clean and wet your skin before applying any body care product.

    The best time is after a shower or bath as your skin will be clean.

  • Many products need a wet skin.

    So the ingredients can penetrate the skin better when they are dissolved. When the lotion or gel is dried, it is almost impossible to penetrate. Note that this does not apply to all specific products that require a clean and dry skin.

  • Your skin, never cold.

    Avoid using products with your skin cold, because the pores are not dilated and ingredients can not be absorbed

BONUS: To ensure the penetration of your Body Lotion, use short firm strokes (it’s best to use the middle finger) and never stretch nor rub your skin. After applying, gently tap the area with your fingers for half a minute.