Protect your skin in summer

How many times we doubt as we take a dip or go home after a day on the beach?

With summer at its peak, extreme caution when exposing our skin to the sun is essential to keep it healthy and cared for. Here are a series of tips for the care of your skin in summer.

First precautions

At least 30 minutes before leaving home, or exposing the skin to direct sunlight, apply a generous amount of sunscreen on the skin clean and dry, without traces of perfume or deodorant. Repeat application every two hours and after taking a bath.

Easy tan

Not everyone has the same ability to get a tan: phototype is given from our skin, which determines the characteristics of pigmentation. A proper diet rich in fruits and vegetables (beta carotene) can help get tan.

Beware the chlorine

Take a shower before and after entering the pool the get rid of much chlorine as possible. When finished, apply our Extra Moisturizing Facial Cream to prevent the skin from drying out and mantaining its natural moisture.

Exposure time

It is important to avoid, insofar as possible, the sunlight between 10 am to 4 pm, because that time the rays are strongest. If that is not possible, remember to protect yourself with a hat and sunglasses. If you feel your skin burned, it is the moment to apply our Skin Calming Gel made with Canarian ecologic banana and Aloe Vera as soon as you get home.

Avoid sodas and drink a lot of water

We know it. It is hot, we find ourselves thirsty and all we want it's to have a fresh soda by our side. However, sodas may cause dehydration. How? The sodas may contain acids which our body needs to get rid of, through the urine. This may cause an imbalance of water level of our body and therefore, run the risk of dehydration.

Exfoliate your skin

It is important using an exfoliating for your skin before the summer begins. This way we have our skin ready for its tan. It is also important to exfoliate the skin during the summer for removing the remains of sea salt, chlorine and dead skin from every bath we take or any unwanted sunburn.

Look out! You must exfoliate your skin once per week and wait if your skin is recovering from a sunburn.