Spring and your Skin

Winter days are almost gone. The new season forces us to pay more attention than ever to our skin.

Sunbathing helps us obtain the Vitamin D, but avoid long exposure to the sun without the adecquate sunscreen.

After the Winter, the skin loses its moisture. To replenish it, your best ally is the Glycerin. All of our Body Butter line includes it in their formulas, and they’re the best to recover the original moisture of your skin.

Another process to remove impurities and maintain youthful skin, is a DIY Facial Banana scrub. When combined with Olive Oil and Egg, two essential ingredients for the skin, you will achieve a thorough cleaning:


  • A ripe banana
  • Four tablespoons of sugar
  • Two eggs
  • Half cup of Olive Oil

In a bowl, mix the eggs and the olive oil to later add the ripe banana to form a consistent paste. At this point, add the sugar. Once ready, apply all over your face and neck, and leave on for half an hour. Then you can finish the cleaning process rinsing with cold water. Let's stay hydrated!