Mangonific Skin Care.

Ever wonder what happens when we fuse the Tropical Mango with the Exclusive Organic Canarian Banana Extract? Keep on scrolling!

97% Natural

100% Moisturizing

    Dazzling Skin.

    Irresistible, Exotic Fragrance.

    Discover our all-day, deeply moisturizing, Body Butter to say hi! to a healthy and cared for skin. A Breathtaking Fusion of Nature's Goodies, as Cocoa and Coconut Butters, and Olive and Avocado Oils.

    Nasties-free special formula, without Parabens or Mineral Oils.

    What's not in it? What's in it?
    • Parabens
    • Silicones
    • Mineral Oils
    • SLS
    • Animal Ingredients

    Safeguarding animal rights, it's right at our hands

    By purchasing this product, we donate 5% of our yearly profits to a Charity of your choosing in our Community.

    A whole range to awaken your senses

    Mango Body Butter (70 ml)