Farewell, dry skin!

Healthier, softer and deeply moisturized skin, in just a matter of minutes.

Long-lasting, all-day moisturizer.

98% Natural


Ever wanted to get back the natural, healthy-looking shine of your skin? Your quest has come to an end. We've created an enticing mix of Powerful-Yet-Natural Ingredients, delicately chosen to conceive our most hydrating Body Lotion. By taking the Exclusive Organic Canarian Banana Extract, and the widely known properties of the Q10 Coenzyme, we're able to put together a beautifully balanced, soft texture that deeply recovers even the driest skin.

Use daily, to achieve the smooth, homogeneous, and balanced skin you've always wanted.

Enriched with Argan Oil...

...but why?

  • Prevents premature aging
  • Decreases signs of age
  • Strengthens skin tissue
What's not in it? What's in it?
  • Parabens
  • Silicones
  • Mineral Oils
  • SLS
  • Animal Ingredients

Safeguarding animal rights, it's right at our hands

By purchasing this product, we donate 5% of our yearly profits to a Charity of your choosing in our Community.

Body Lotion (300 ml)